19 September 2011

You see me rollin'.

I thought I would share about the most exciting item we've acquired so far in this baby waiting process. I was surprised and shocked when my grandparents came to the shower with a GIANT box. I had no idea anyone would purchase the stroller/car seat combo for us- I mostly put it on our registry so I wouldn't forget which one we picked out! 

Thank you Great Grandpa and Grandma Rea!! She'll be so cute being rolled around in this!

And for when the paparazzi is out in full force...in Cabot, Arkansas.
She'll be covered.

For when she's older, but needs to be wrangled and not running all over the place.

Remmie is already watching over her. Or maybe she's watching over the frog dangling from the car seat.
Either way, it's cute and I'll take it.

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