30 September 2011

$0.85 Redesign.

So... I invested a whole 85 cents into our master bedroom redesign.
 Yes, less than a buck.

How did I do it? Mostly rearranging. Haha. Gotcha. 

No, I didn't find any fabulous deals on bedding or accessories. 
Just some good old fashioned nesting did the trick. 

Here's a look back at what it looked like before. 
Notice the items we had before, but just relocated.

This was when I purchased the lamps, which helped a little.

AND, here's the now.

The $0.85 was spent on a bottle of Kelly Green craft paint. 
I painted over a piece that I was no longer in love with. 
Can't see it? Here's a close up.

I put the idea together from a bunch of different prints that I'd found on Etsy.
Yes, I painted it according to what sides of the bed we sleep on. 
Oops, secret's out. Now you all know.

That sheet looking wall hanging to the right is actually from Chris' grandmother. 
It shows most, if not all, of the castles in Germany. 
We love that it ties into our German heritage a bit.

Here's where I lived when I was little. 

To the left between the windows.

We scored this print a while back at a flea market and loved it. We now finally have a place for it!

Yes, Ashley, it's a Matisse print.

A view back towards the door...and a very creepy Remmie-face.

The bench was brought down by my parents in May. 
It works well for Chris when he puts his boots on in the morning, 
since Kingston is usually sleeping in the chair, eliminating that option.

What d'ya think? Much better looking, I'd say. 
This "redesign" (rearrangement) came about after Chris complained that our bedroom was the most plain room in the house. Not the case anymore.

29 September 2011

Let's hear it for the boy!

Today I am honoring a very special person in my life, on his 30th birthday. 

My brother, Jesse.

(to put you in the mood)
written 30 years ago in 1981. appropriate.

The past few months as I've been growing a little one inside of me, my mom and I have talked a lot about what I was like when I was younger. We ran through many funny stories and happenings as I grew up. She's been saying over and over how my brother was the best big brother to me. 

Always helping me up, playing with me, protecting me. 
I've also been reminiscing and reliving my own memories with him as I've been screening our old home videos- most of which as never seen the light of day since being recorded.

Jesse, you've always had this huge like-ability factor about you. 
Your humor and wit have brought me to happy tears so many times over the years. I'll try not to mention things that will embarrass you today, but if I do, think of it as a mini roasting- in honor of you. 

From your magazine tear-outs to your hidden Adam Sandler CD, 
I've always wanted to follow in your footsteps. 
See? Same smile.

Maybe it's that little sibling side of me, but I think it's because you're awesome. I do wish you would stop hurting yourself in funny ways, like our aunt, but it makes for fantastic stories. 
Irish jigging was always a fun pastime of yours- mostly during 6-8th grade. 
I'll never look at a tub of cream cheese and cheez-itz the same again after you've taken both down at the same time during many after-school snacks. 
Then, there was the time that you grew your hair long in college- only to buzz it short and look like Justin Timberlake. 
Yes, I was still proud to call you my brother when the girls would stare and oogle over you. It actually kind of gave me bragging rights.

You're funny faces have always put me at ease.

You've always looked dapper when we had to dress up.

And around the house, you were always a help to mom...while I danced.

...but you danced with me at my wedding.

Since we're getting close to Halloween and everyone is planning their costumes... 
I'll share our best dress-up moment from the past. 
We received endless complements when it happened, and I'm sure we'll get more. 

I give you, Wayne and Garth.

Putting all funny moments aside, you've always been there for me, helping me, and protecting me.

You are the best big brother anyone could ask for. 

I love you.

Happy Birthday, Goob.

Today is your day.

28 September 2011

Book Slings

I've always been a huge believer that children need to be read to, no matter what age. This particular organization of books is great for early readers so they can see the covers and not just the spines of their books. 

I came across the idea while gather ideas for Mini's nursery. Most people who incorporated these in their children's rooms used a lively matching fabric, but I chose to go with a simple, durable canvas. I figured I've already got plenty of pattern and color in the room, a little subtlety would do the room some good. Plus, our child is promised to be rambunctious, and the sturdiness of canvas might help with that. 

I bought the double curtain rod brackets at Lowes for about $5.00 each. The wooden dowels came from WalMart: $1.25 a piece. The canvas was extra from the sofa reupholstering project I tackled in Del Rio.  For less than $25, I'd say this is a great addition to the room. 

Obviously not very many books will fit in the slings, so I've made sure to add another box on the floor. I'm also considering returning the current dowels and exchanging them for smaller diameter dowels. This would allow for more room between the dowels- hence more books. Also, a chair just her size could be quite inviting once she starts moving and grooving. 

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. 
The more you learn, the more places you'll go."
— Dr. Seuss

27 September 2011

Never Grow Up.

I don't know what it is about today, but I've been super emotional about everything I see or hear. 
Last night I recorded some great kicks by Mini, and thought I'd share them with you.

Beware: If you're pregnant, you may cry. 
Sorry, I couldn't help but pair the video with this song!
Keep your eyes to the right of my belly button- 
that's where she prefers to practice her kung fu-ing.

Someday soon we'll get to see these sweet moves in person.
Contact me to schedule your visit to see the next up and coming starlett, 
starting mid-December!

Music by: Taylor Swift "Never Grow Up"

22 September 2011

What will Mini Freed look like, exactly?

Maybe no one else has been wondering as much as I have, but I just can't get the thought out of my head about what this baby girl will look like! 

Besides my husband's dashing good looks, his tall frame, dark hair and dark eyes are a stark opposite to my blond hair and blue eyes. I know they say that brown is the dominant gene, but blue seems to be pretty dominant in my family. By dominant, I mean that my immediate family and my dad's entire side of the family has blue eyes. Who knows. 

Maybe these photos will help you get a better idea- or maybe they'll just make you smile. Enjoy.

My hospital picture. Doesn't even look like me in the slightest.

3 months, and I still have the bunny.

Happy 1st Birthday to me.

I loved to chew on the TV knob while looking back so innocently.

3 month old Christopher. 

7 Months.

8 months. Look at those eyes.

And no, I don't think he could look more ornery.

He loved him some stripes.

11 months and so happy about it!

21 September 2011

Shoe Boxes

Over the past few days, I've spent time painting the ins and outs of some box-like shelves for the nursery. I knew where I wanted to place them in the room, but not what to fill them with. Suddenly it hit me. I'll display her shoes! I must say, they look even more adorable this way. Plus- easy access when we need to get dressed in a snap...and the baby needs shoes!? Haha. Not a necessity, but you get the point.

You're probably wondering what the heck is hanging in the middle. 
It's just your average, run of the mill, dairy scale.
My mom found it at the Iowa State Surplus Sale that she frequents. She's found some incredible finds.
I think this one is the tops. It will actually measure up to 60 lbs. I plan on rigging up some sort of basket device to measure our little peanut with. And if all else fails, it'll just be a hoot to have a dairy scale hanging in her room. I can guarantee we'll be one-of-a-kind with this one!

There's lots of blank wall space underneath where lots of toddler activity might take place. I've got a plan up my sleeve for it, but that will be revealed soon enough.

Happy Wednesday!

20 September 2011

Don't go, ever again.

When Chris came home from his TDY this last week,
someone was happy to see him. 

He also made sure Chris wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.

19 September 2011

My bag bag.

For those who aren't aware, boys who wear military flight suits often refer to this issued garb as a bag. 
So endearing. I call them onesies, just to make them mad.

On a completely unrelated topic, I knew a long time ago that I wanted to make my own diaper bag. You know, because I make everything.  Well a couple of years ago, I had a friend make a diaper bag out of an old flight suit. I thought, "Genius!". This was now my goal: to make a "bag" bag. 

Surprisingly, I started and finished it all yesterday. That's usually the way things go for me. 
Once I get started on a project, I can't stop. 

After MUCH frustration- Chris will whole-heartedly attest to this- I've got a finished product. And by product, I mean I will not be making any of these for anyone else. I cried when my tension wouldn't correct itself, and I threw things after I broke the FIFTH needle, but it's all over now. The dust has settled. And I must say, I'm pretty darn proud of the way it turned out. Even if I did fudge up the directions and complete it my own way.

The Front

I wanted to leave the velcro parts on the bag so that I could add my own patches. 
Plus, these are one of the most distinguishable parts of a flight suit.

The Back

I added a leg pocket for papers and my own things that don't need to get lost inside the bag.
Notice how straight the pocket is sewn on. 

The Inside

I picked a fabric that I liked, regardless if it was "baby" or not. True to my own fashion, this is where I veered from the pattern of the bag the most. I added elastic straps to both ends for water bottles/baby bottles. I added in the pocket from the sleeve that usually holds pens and other fun things the boys decide they need with them at all times. I figured it would be better suited for mommy's chapstick. Then on the opposite side, I added some leftover scraps to make three deep pockets for diapers, wipes, etc.

What it may look like stocked. My Nalgene even fits in the elastic!

A sneak peak of what the bag might look like with patches. Yes, I'm aware that the squadron patch usually goes on the right shoulder, but my bag doesn't have shoulders. And besides, I don't want a dumb AMC patch on the front of my diaper bag. Chris' squadron just seems to make more sense. 

The patch that we'll have made with her name on it will be stitched, 
unlike this fancy pleather patch from Chris' training in Corpus Christi. 

Now I just have to finish getting stocked up on the essentials that will fill the diaper bag. Mainly diapers. 
And shoot, this thing is more than sturdy enough to hold a six pack for after the baby comes and Mommy and Daddy need a night out at a friend's house!

You see me rollin'.

I thought I would share about the most exciting item we've acquired so far in this baby waiting process. I was surprised and shocked when my grandparents came to the shower with a GIANT box. I had no idea anyone would purchase the stroller/car seat combo for us- I mostly put it on our registry so I wouldn't forget which one we picked out! 

Thank you Great Grandpa and Grandma Rea!! She'll be so cute being rolled around in this!

And for when the paparazzi is out in full force...in Cabot, Arkansas.
She'll be covered.

For when she's older, but needs to be wrangled and not running all over the place.

Remmie is already watching over her. Or maybe she's watching over the frog dangling from the car seat.
Either way, it's cute and I'll take it.