12 January 2011

Four Dollar Score

So I've been wanting to recover the panels on our headboard to something a bit more stylish. Previously, Our headboard had something similar to this tan suede.

After scavenging Jo-Ann's and Hobby Lobby with no luck in finding a suitable fabric, I resorted to ETSY. I found a vintage piece of fabric that would work perfectly. Better yet, no one would have anything similar.

After sewing a border, ironing and steaming, stapling, and scotch guarding....here we are.

Yes, I'm aware the the panel on the right is a bit wanky. That's what I get for selecting a fabric in my scrap bin with a bit of stretch in it. Oh well. It doesn't bother me. Here we are all prettied out. The lamps I scored at a factory outlet sale over Christmas. I'm currently working on putting together some white pillows to tie everything together.

So there you  have it. My Four Dollar Score...and update.