13 January 2013

A new member of the family.

No, it's not another baby. 

No, not another dog. 

It's Tayshaun!

Many years ago, Chris brought Tayshaun home from Burger King. He's since lived in a box, with other Detroit memorabilia. 

A few months ago, Chris let him out to breathe, and placed in on a shelf in our office. 
Camdin started noticing him, and smiling at him every time she could see him. 

We let them play together one afternoon, and they've been inseparable since. 

She MUST be holding him at all times, if not preoccupied by a toy that takes two hands. Even if we put him out of reach, Camdin is bound and determined to get him. 

He's also good for teething.

He's so light, you don't even really need hands to carry him around!

Welcome to the family, man. We're all glad you're here. 

Especially Camdin.