01 September 2011

Thursday morning is not Wednesday afternoon.

I apologize for not getting this post up yesterday. We had a friend from ROTC roll through town last night on his way to Altus. I totally got caught up in visiting...plus he stayed in the office/guest room, so I didn't get the chance to do my thang on the computer and post this loveliness. 

Yesterday was quite an exciting day. The rocking chair is finished. AND the crib came in.

[Someone likes it when I open the curtains to take pictures.]

 I'll fore go pictures of the rest of the room for now, because from this angle it looks so tidy and clean!

As for the rocking chair, here is where I started from.


Though I do have to say I'm super thankful for this rocker. It was originally my mother's parents rocker. Straight from the 70s, if you couldn't tell. 

All that gold and orange detailing just screams style, doesn't it? It's a GREAT solid piece of furniture with lots of sentimentality (my brother and I were both rocked in it)...it just needed some sprucing up.

I had Chris strip off the old paint and finish (since Mini Freed can't handle her chemicals just yet), and then sand her up a bit.
Here she is after a fresh coat of primer.

All finished up in her shiny new home.

And now for the crib!

We have yet to get a mattress (and for me to make the bumpers and skirt), but I love the look already. I opted for a lower, more European style crib for easy access to Mini, and plus, it keeps the room very open and airy feeling. I also like that the crib is very open on the bottom- easy to vacuum under, or to grab toys that have been thrown into the darkness. I will say it was probably the easiest piece of furniture that I've ever put together- yes I tackled this one by myself. I always see it as a puzzle challenge- how fast can I get it done? Needless to say this one only took 20 minutes and 8 bolts, and we were in business. I'm definitely thinking this crib may still work for Mini #2, even if it is a boy. The simple design doesn't pull too strongly in the masculine or feminine directions.

Lastly, I had to do a photo shoot, because the fuzzies were looking just so adorable. 
I swear it's as if their waiting for their little sis already.

Now I'm off to do some yard work- I'm preparing the front bed for some much needed upgrades. That will be a future post with new plants and landscaping! 

Then it's on to packing for the weekend. 
Chris and I are headed to my heaven- I mean, Iowa- for a baby shower and ISU football! 
Woot! See you next week!

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