28 September 2011

Book Slings

I've always been a huge believer that children need to be read to, no matter what age. This particular organization of books is great for early readers so they can see the covers and not just the spines of their books. 

I came across the idea while gather ideas for Mini's nursery. Most people who incorporated these in their children's rooms used a lively matching fabric, but I chose to go with a simple, durable canvas. I figured I've already got plenty of pattern and color in the room, a little subtlety would do the room some good. Plus, our child is promised to be rambunctious, and the sturdiness of canvas might help with that. 

I bought the double curtain rod brackets at Lowes for about $5.00 each. The wooden dowels came from WalMart: $1.25 a piece. The canvas was extra from the sofa reupholstering project I tackled in Del Rio.  For less than $25, I'd say this is a great addition to the room. 

Obviously not very many books will fit in the slings, so I've made sure to add another box on the floor. I'm also considering returning the current dowels and exchanging them for smaller diameter dowels. This would allow for more room between the dowels- hence more books. Also, a chair just her size could be quite inviting once she starts moving and grooving. 

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. 
The more you learn, the more places you'll go."
— Dr. Seuss

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