22 March 2011

The Fuzzies

You're probably wondering what we've been up to these past couple of months since not a single thing has been posted. Well, there's been lots of get-togethers with friends and neighbors, house projects (posts coming soon) and then our favorite pastime of photographing our children. Our fuzzy children. It seems like we've got a funny photo for every day of the year, so here are just a few since Christmas.

This is probably the best outtake from the Christmas card photo shoot. We couldn't have posed them any more perfectly to demonstrate their personalities to a 'T'.

While our parents were in town we snagged a couple of Remmie while she was practicing her Newsies look.

And here's another one of her looking extremely intelligent. 

You'll notice that the majority of these pictures are of Remmie, because Kingston (the little poop) is too fast to catch in a frame- most of the time. 

We received this awesome beverage tub (for those hot summer days out in the backyard) from my brother and his wife for Christmas.  The pups seemed to have another idea in mind.

If you haven't spent a lot of time around our children, then I'll fill you in on a nickname we've so lovingly given Rem. Dumpy. Feminine, isn't it? No, but it suites her. She likes to sit on her butt with her legs straight out in front of her, and Dumpy just came to us because of this. Here's a prime example of Dumpy Face. 

On a trip to Memphis to visit Mr. Samuel Henry DeMass (as he was on his cross-country flight), we stumbled upon these greyhound statues. Remmie was bound and determined to get them to look at her. She barked for a good 5 minutes. The best part was that the one on the right was the spitting image of Mr. Jackson Henry DeMass. Awesome.

With the temperature reaching into the 60s, 70s, and 80s lately, we've been spending a fair bit of time out in the backyard. One of the drainpipes from the gutters was buried, but doing a poor job and leaving a permanent puddled/mucky area in the backyard. This particular afternoon we ripped the damn thing out and Remmie had a hayday barking her head off at it. Kingston, meanwhile, was enjoying his solar therapy.

A few days ago, Remmie came and whispered to me that she wished I played dress up with her more often. So I did, and here she is in her toga. (Ok, she didn't whisper to me, but she didn't rip it immediately off...that's the same thing, right?)

And last but not least:   Let's see who can fight harder for Dad's love by enduring in a snugglefest on the couch.

These may not be the funniest dog photos on the web, but we get a kick out of 'em. They're our babies. This is our form of a fuzzy brag book. We love them. Even now as I'm wrapping this up, they are laying on the floor snuggling each other. If you know Kingston, you wouldn't believe that in a million years he would voluntarily choose to put himself in this position. 

Do any of you have awesome photos of your little furry babies?