29 September 2011

Let's hear it for the boy!

Today I am honoring a very special person in my life, on his 30th birthday. 

My brother, Jesse.

(to put you in the mood)
written 30 years ago in 1981. appropriate.

The past few months as I've been growing a little one inside of me, my mom and I have talked a lot about what I was like when I was younger. We ran through many funny stories and happenings as I grew up. She's been saying over and over how my brother was the best big brother to me. 

Always helping me up, playing with me, protecting me. 
I've also been reminiscing and reliving my own memories with him as I've been screening our old home videos- most of which as never seen the light of day since being recorded.

Jesse, you've always had this huge like-ability factor about you. 
Your humor and wit have brought me to happy tears so many times over the years. I'll try not to mention things that will embarrass you today, but if I do, think of it as a mini roasting- in honor of you. 

From your magazine tear-outs to your hidden Adam Sandler CD, 
I've always wanted to follow in your footsteps. 
See? Same smile.

Maybe it's that little sibling side of me, but I think it's because you're awesome. I do wish you would stop hurting yourself in funny ways, like our aunt, but it makes for fantastic stories. 
Irish jigging was always a fun pastime of yours- mostly during 6-8th grade. 
I'll never look at a tub of cream cheese and cheez-itz the same again after you've taken both down at the same time during many after-school snacks. 
Then, there was the time that you grew your hair long in college- only to buzz it short and look like Justin Timberlake. 
Yes, I was still proud to call you my brother when the girls would stare and oogle over you. It actually kind of gave me bragging rights.

You're funny faces have always put me at ease.

You've always looked dapper when we had to dress up.

And around the house, you were always a help to mom...while I danced.

...but you danced with me at my wedding.

Since we're getting close to Halloween and everyone is planning their costumes... 
I'll share our best dress-up moment from the past. 
We received endless complements when it happened, and I'm sure we'll get more. 

I give you, Wayne and Garth.

Putting all funny moments aside, you've always been there for me, helping me, and protecting me.

You are the best big brother anyone could ask for. 

I love you.

Happy Birthday, Goob.

Today is your day.

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