08 September 2011


After a FILLED weekend, I'm happy to report we are home safe and sound. 
Yes, I know it's Thursday, get over it. 

Chris and I drove up on Friday, taking the alternative route through St. Louis. We found a car engine that the mister plans to use for his engine swap with the BMW, and picking it up saved us the enormous amount of shipping that it would've cost to send that thing to our house. 

Saturday was filled with cardinal and gold and Iowa State football. Tailgating, non-alcoholic wine (straight outta the bottle) for me, and scattered rain showers. It was a very sad and frustrating game until the clock read 4:02 in the 4th quarter. The action finally kicked in, and we won! Whew. 

Sunday was the baby shower, and it could not have been a more gorgeous day. Reiman Gardens is a beautiful setting regardless, but it was particularly special that day. Not a cloud in the sky and 70 degrees. Perfect. My amazing sister homemade marshmallow treats in the shape of onesies for all of the guests to enjoy. As always, they were delish. Lots of family and friends showed their faces, and it was great to catch up with everyone! Realizing we were running out of time, Chris and I had to double-team the gifts to get them all opened before our time was up for our rental space. Everyone was so generous and thoughtful, we couldn't be more thankful for all of the gifts we received. 

I thought I'd share a few of my favorites from the stash.

Of course she'll be sporting some Cy wear, like her momma.

All of these onesies and burp cloths were carefully hand-decorated by my sister. 
She's so stinking good at everything.

A beautiful floor blanket that my aunt made.
...and my all-time favorite: 
Tickle Monster Mitts and book
from my sweet cousin. 

You can not look at them and not smile. I can't wait to bust these out and hear that tiny little giggle that Mini Freed will for sure show us early on. 

A looooong drive home and a snooze at a rest-stop later, we made it home Tuesday morning at 2:45am.
We had a wonderful time with everyone and we're so glad we got to see family again!

Have a great Thursday!

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