19 September 2011

My bag bag.

For those who aren't aware, boys who wear military flight suits often refer to this issued garb as a bag. 
So endearing. I call them onesies, just to make them mad.

On a completely unrelated topic, I knew a long time ago that I wanted to make my own diaper bag. You know, because I make everything.  Well a couple of years ago, I had a friend make a diaper bag out of an old flight suit. I thought, "Genius!". This was now my goal: to make a "bag" bag. 

Surprisingly, I started and finished it all yesterday. That's usually the way things go for me. 
Once I get started on a project, I can't stop. 

After MUCH frustration- Chris will whole-heartedly attest to this- I've got a finished product. And by product, I mean I will not be making any of these for anyone else. I cried when my tension wouldn't correct itself, and I threw things after I broke the FIFTH needle, but it's all over now. The dust has settled. And I must say, I'm pretty darn proud of the way it turned out. Even if I did fudge up the directions and complete it my own way.

The Front

I wanted to leave the velcro parts on the bag so that I could add my own patches. 
Plus, these are one of the most distinguishable parts of a flight suit.

The Back

I added a leg pocket for papers and my own things that don't need to get lost inside the bag.
Notice how straight the pocket is sewn on. 

The Inside

I picked a fabric that I liked, regardless if it was "baby" or not. True to my own fashion, this is where I veered from the pattern of the bag the most. I added elastic straps to both ends for water bottles/baby bottles. I added in the pocket from the sleeve that usually holds pens and other fun things the boys decide they need with them at all times. I figured it would be better suited for mommy's chapstick. Then on the opposite side, I added some leftover scraps to make three deep pockets for diapers, wipes, etc.

What it may look like stocked. My Nalgene even fits in the elastic!

A sneak peak of what the bag might look like with patches. Yes, I'm aware that the squadron patch usually goes on the right shoulder, but my bag doesn't have shoulders. And besides, I don't want a dumb AMC patch on the front of my diaper bag. Chris' squadron just seems to make more sense. 

The patch that we'll have made with her name on it will be stitched, 
unlike this fancy pleather patch from Chris' training in Corpus Christi. 

Now I just have to finish getting stocked up on the essentials that will fill the diaper bag. Mainly diapers. 
And shoot, this thing is more than sturdy enough to hold a six pack for after the baby comes and Mommy and Daddy need a night out at a friend's house!

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  1. yay! I can comment on this now :) I love love love this bag. My last encounter with my sewing machine left me sour; it's in the original box up, and on a closet shelf as I type this. :p Your are starting in inspire me with all of your beautiful fancy work!