15 September 2011

Our Story.

When Chris and I were home at my parents house a couple of weeks ago, I was running through some old picture boxes to bring back more pictures of family and friends from the past. Low and behold, I found some great ones...of us.

For those of you who don't know our "story", I'll enlighten you a bit.

Chris and I first met when I moved into the house behind him in 1996. We were awkward middle schoolers that wanted nothing to do with each other except keep our distance. (Not to mention, I'm a year older, so it was sort of like Chris was a younger brother.) We never dated throughout high school- although we flirted a good deal, as you do with EVERYONE in high school. I went off to college at Iowa State University, and Chris still had one more year of high school to go. By April, he had called and asked if I would go to prom with him. So excited about the fact that I could wear my dress again- I jumped at the opportunity. There was always a twinkle in Chris' eye whenever I was around, but I honestly just thought that was Chris. He's kind of life of the party, if you've never had the pleasure of meeting him. We kept in very close touch after prom and the months following, when I came home to live with my parents for the summer break. Then, as relationships do, we drifted apart again- only managing to stay in contact every 6 months or so. Around Christmas 2006 Chris was getting the travel itch. He mentioned he had no plans for New Year's and I said, "Come to Iowa!" (like that's what everybody wants to do for one of the biggest holidays of the year). He, being the adventurous guys that he is, agreed, saying,"Yeah, I haven't seen you or your parents in a few years- it's time for a visit." When I picked him up from the airport, we were looking at each other like we never had before. (Or at least, I never had before.) Unbeknowst to me, as Chris grew up, he always compared every girl he dated to me. So his time finally came. After his 4 day visit, on his way home, he had himself a girlfriend. A very long time coming, girlfriend. The rest is history.

Here we are in May, 2003, going to Prom together.

In his pride and joy, the RX-7.

Then finally at his Senior Walk.

If only we knew what we were getting ourselves into all those years ago...

Love. That's what we we're getting into. Love and a baby.

[Sorry for the mushy post, but these pregnancy hormones are just crazy!]


  1. Aims, you look the same! But Chris looks so different - it must be the hair!

  2. Love it! Oh how I remember that awkward, gangly boy behind you on Whipple Tree Ln :). Pregnancy hormones be damned... you are in love and having a baby... the best representation of love :). Good post. Love