22 September 2011

What will Mini Freed look like, exactly?

Maybe no one else has been wondering as much as I have, but I just can't get the thought out of my head about what this baby girl will look like! 

Besides my husband's dashing good looks, his tall frame, dark hair and dark eyes are a stark opposite to my blond hair and blue eyes. I know they say that brown is the dominant gene, but blue seems to be pretty dominant in my family. By dominant, I mean that my immediate family and my dad's entire side of the family has blue eyes. Who knows. 

Maybe these photos will help you get a better idea- or maybe they'll just make you smile. Enjoy.

My hospital picture. Doesn't even look like me in the slightest.

3 months, and I still have the bunny.

Happy 1st Birthday to me.

I loved to chew on the TV knob while looking back so innocently.

3 month old Christopher. 

7 Months.

8 months. Look at those eyes.

And no, I don't think he could look more ornery.

He loved him some stripes.

11 months and so happy about it!

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