31 October 2011

Space Balls.

Another project that I tackled while me dad was here...

Space Balls.
(or so one of our friends called them)

I originally copied them from this pic on pinterest.

They remind me of Allium flowers, but I liked the all white look better. I think I could have achieved the colored look by dipping them into a shallow dish of food coloring.

Didn't figure out what it's made of yet? Here's a closer look.

Styrofoam balls and Q-tips.

It just so happens, I had an extra box of Q-tips on hand [because my pregnant brain forgot that we DIDN'T need any during one of my shopping trips]. I don't forget everything though. In fact, I remember an old answer from a years-ago game of Trivial Pursuit. The question was, "What does the Q in Q-tip stand for?" Out of the multiple choice questions, my guess was Quality. I was right! Bazinga. That's probably the one and only time I can remember getting a question correct without any help from my family. Maybe that's why I can remember it. Success!

Have you made anything lately out of supplies you already had around the house?
Show me, show me!

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