06 November 2011

Feature Creatures

This week I got my hands dirty in the acrylic again...
I painted a lovely little something for Miss Mini's room.

I saw all of these little creatures in multiple prints and totally thought I could gather them all together to make a nice forestry scene. The grass is painted newspaper in various shades of green. Much more fun and "poppy" than more brush strokes. The sun if strips of fabric with a fabric flower embellishment in the center (from an old shirt I've been scrapping out).

The nice thing about it is that I could incorporate all of the colors in her room (which is pretty much every color) rather than searching for the perfect print or painting that's already been created.

There have been lots of updates in the room- most of which I haven't blogged about.
Here's what you see now when you enter her room.

And the opposite wall.

And the doorway.

The painting fills a void above the crib nicely. I'm sure I'll continue to add little projects here and there, and eventually I'll give you a close up tour of everything in here. But until then, enjoy everything from afar. Only 4 more weeks (ish) until she's here. So hard to believe!

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