06 October 2011


I never get too crazy into Halloween, but I'm slowly getting there. I usually don't do anything more than a few pumpkins out front. Since I'm growing a family, I've become more interested in the silly holidays.

Yesterday I kept my fingers busy by creating these little bat creatures.

I sewed loops right onto their bodies so I could hang them easily.

Then I realized I could use our small flag holder in the front for the perfect dangling stick.

No, we still haven't done anything with the front bed. 

These little pumpkins are hanging on the front door.

I made them a couple of years ago in Del Rio, and now my Mother in law has requested a few of them for her door. I don't blame her, I love them.

I still have some plans for decorating pumpkins once we actually buy some. Maybe that can be an activity for the weekend while my mom is visiting!? Whad'ya think, mom?

Do you guys ever decorate for Halloween? If so, what do you dive into? I'm curious to know how crafty or tacky you get with the fall holiday!

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