15 October 2011

Nice little Saturday.

After my momma's visit last week, 
my daddy decided to come for a visit as well- but he wanted to ride his bike. 
No, not bike-cycle- a BMW Touring motorcycle.

After waiting for his call this morning to say he was off on his second leg- I get a call with ickier news.
Someone chose to ram his beautiful piece of machinery in the parking lot of his hotel.
So sad and maddening. Of course, no note was left. 
People are so aggravating.
Regardless, it's rideable.

Here's what I've been up to this morning while waiting for his arrival on his no longer mint-condition bike.

I finished this little jewel last night for a friend of mine (which she doesn't know she's receiving yet!)

After watering the pepper plants this morning, I found a few treasures.
Little Serrano peppers with gorgeous pops of color.

A teeny red Hot Portugal.

And a little shocker- our first RED PEPPER! YAY! I'm going to try and hold off picking it until the mister gets home at the beginning of the week. Eeeek!

And then during my attempt to snap a lovey photo of the pups for Mini's room, this is what I got.
Remmie smothering Kingston with her sisterly love. If there were not wet concrete and snaggletooth in this shot, it might've had a chance.

Finally, I didn't do this today, but I DID forget to take a picture of it last week when it was actually completely. A whole 5 minute of cutting contruction paper, and then arranging my beakers and sciency things on the front entry table, and it's ready for Halloween!

How are you spending your day?
Tailgating? Game day? House projects? Shopping? Yard work?

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