28 October 2011

A bit of brightening.

My dad and I always dive into some sort of project when we're together. During his visit this time, we painted the guest bathroom. It was on my long list of things to do to the house at some point, but it seemed the most time-convenient project during his visit.

Here's the bathroom before:

I chose a celery green (specifically Olive Marinade by American Tradition) to match the existing vibe and accessories already in the room. 

While taking down the hideous "backstage" lighting (which I also planned to replace one day), we couldn't help but notice the gigantic hole they chose to put in the sheet rock. Lovely. So now when I wanted to replace the fixture, I had to look for something with an enormous wall base to cover it up...I'm not going the other direction to have someone fix the hole in the dry wall. 

A better close-up.

Lucky for me, after this quick discovery, Dad offered to foot the bill for a new light. The hunt was on. We couldn't find anything in stock at Lowes or Home Depot, so we opted for the online order. We found a perfect replacement that shoots the light upwards towards the ceiling- even better. 

Here she is:

I received the light in the mail on Monday and immediately dove into swapping it out. I again, quickly discovered a quirk. Whoever put the hole in the wall must have screwed up with the original fixture, because the holes in the wall plate for the new fixture line up perfectly with the big hole in the sheet rock. Yay. Chris helped me drill new holes in the wall plate, which helped with the sturdiness of the entire light, anyway. The designers of the light apparently didn't take into consideration the weight of the glass. Had we not added extra screws to the wall plate, the whole fixture probably would've just fallen off the wall at some point. Lovely. Maybe I'll stay away from Seagull Lighting next time I'm in the market.

Here's the whole look together.

Still trying to figure out what to put above the toitie.

I added a special hook for Mini's towel. It had to be at her height, of course.

So there's the updated Guest Bath. Chris' best friend, Jerry is coming to visit this weekend, so he'll be the first to give it a test run. But, he's a boy, so I don't think he'll disapprove.

More to come on house projects!

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  1. I hope there is special towel for the kind of dirty he will be from working on the cars.