15 August 2011


Slowly but surely I've been adding little touches of "us" around the house. After living in temporary homes for the past few years (thanks to military training), it was hard for me to set up this house in 3 days like I've done with moves in the past. Everything just seemed to be permanent now that we own the house, and I wanted to make certain that I was making the right choices. 

After an enormously ironic wall post from, yet again, Ashley- I found a way to put this piece of art to use. She found a great pic on Pintrest that was just made for my blog. I did some hunting and found a way to print off my own piece of perfection on cardstock.

Here she is hanging in the entryway, looking all purdy.

...and Remmie practicing for another profile painting.

Also this weekend, I put my paintbrushes to use and whipped up a copy of something I'd seen in the recent DIY magazine. Our office has plenty of color everywhere, except above the guest bed. (Which I just now realized that I haven't updated you on its move.) As we were cleaning out the "nursery", we also moved the bed into the office, and situated it as though it were a daybed. I think it totally works in the space, we just need to spruce up the wall behind it a little.

Here are the pups, welcoming you to the guest suite.

And a bit closer of the painting:

Now to just fill that enormous gap to the left of the bed. 
Tan is just too boring to have a plain empty wall!

Come and stay with us- we'd love to have you! 
(You may want to make the trip before the baby comes, though. 
You're sleeping will definitely be interrupted by her!)

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