15 August 2011

Living room/Kitchen upgrades

After many months of trying to get rid of the armoire that's held our bar supplies, I've finally sold it! We finally got a bite on Craigslist, and it was gone a few days later! We're SO happy to not move that heavy thing again. It was a nice storage piece, but not used to it's full potential. We're now in the process of transforming the TV cubbyhole into a bar. We just need to paint the inside and have some custom doors made for the front. 

Here's what the kitchen looked like before:

And here we are today:

Much needed improvement with the curtains, wine racks, and chalkboard calendar. I've even set a place for the pups, haha. I laugh everytime I stop and look at it.

On to the living room. I've had plans of putting up curtains for a long time, and now I've finally gotten around to it. I bought 1 package (two panels) of white cotton grommet curtains from Ikea. I split the curtains up the middle (luckily there were 8 grommets on each panel) to make four skinny curtains. This couldn't have worked more perfectly. We didn't really need a bunch of fabric hanging on either side of the windows, and this makes it proportional.



Not an enormous difference, but at least it gives the wall some dimension that it was definitely lacking.
See all of our glasses and booze waiting for doors and shelves in the cubby? That's next...once we find someone to make some doors for us. 

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