28 August 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!

OK so the final mobile project didn't include any of these species, but I was still humming this little tune in my head as I worked. Regardless, it is finished. And I love it.

I also spent a whopping $1.29 on the project. Total.

I bought a 12" embroidery hoop and used only the middle hoop- without the screw closure. I had a couple of small wooden dowels from a past project to make a stable cross in the middle of the hoop. As for fabric and felt, these are all scraps! I also have random papers lying around that I used for the balls.

Here's what it looked like last night...a little nakey.

A close up of each tiny animal. (You can see the owl from here.)

Turtle, Dog: Remmie!, Duck

Remmie booty, nubbin and purple collar included.


I loved the look so far, but it just needed...more.

This morning I got out my scissors, paper and glue. (Which sounds like I was doing a kindergarten art project.) I created a few more strands to hang around the hoop for more visual interest for Mini Freed.

I have it hanging from the light fixture for now until we get the crib set up. Then it will be prominently displayed over her sleeping quarters.

I think she'll love it. Do you?

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  1. Those are ridiculously cute... good job! Grace makes me bring her close to her mobile so she can attack the butterflies and eat every one of them. She actually gets a little irate when I don't get her close! lol I'm sure your little girly will do the same!