16 August 2011

Going Green.

It seems like a year ago when I posted that we were rearranging plants in the yard. I also posted pics of a tree and a bush that would be planted in the front yard. Well, I'm happy to say that the tree has finally made the journey into the ground. Wow, we're slackers!

Here's the tree before, as a reminder:

It was so puny! And I almost forgot what kind- a Star Magnolia. I can't wait for Spring again to see this baby in full bloom!

After many months, here she is resting in the front yard:

It definitely helps break up the monotony of the grass. Now if the temperature would break just a little bit more, we could clean out the bed by the house and reshape it- readying it for a landscaping overhaul!

I'm also considering putting up/making some shutters, and possibly painting the front door. Anyone have suggestions on a color? Nothing too traditional, as you know we are far from it. Keep in mind, the brick is a peachy/gray mix. (It's hard for me to type that, but it's not our forever home!)

Happy Tuesday!

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