15 August 2011

She be stylin'.

I've been working hard to get the nursery in gear so that I'm not running around finishing it last minute. We found a sweet old refinished dresser at a local flea market for $89.95.  It's a great solid piece that will work for a long while down the road. The plan is to purchase a changing pad to attach to the top of the dresser.

Cute, huh?

Next I wanted to replace the curtains that are not cutting light out for anything. These were the Anthropologie inspired curtains that I painted in Del Rio. I still love them, but their sheerness is no good for a nursery. This is WITH the blinds closed. God sheds just a little light on this room in the afternoon. HA.

I ran to the fabric store with an idea in mind. Nothing too girly or too neutral with color. 

I finally settled on a yellow and white chevron pattern. 

Thanks to my good friend Ashley, I'm now on board with the chevron craze. I also bought black-out drapery backing. I ran home to complete the project. 
I got it all laid out in the living room, sized just right. 

Remmie helped and Kingston didn't. I simply folded the sides of the chevron over onto the black-out fabric and zipped a quick seam up the sides.

Then I folded the top and bottoms to give it a finished look. All in all, it only took about 1 hour to complete. Not too bad! Here the curtains are in their new home.
 (Blocking every spec of light, I might add!)

 I painted the walls a neutral gray months ago, knowing that I would love the color regardless if we were having a boy or girl. To the left of the window is a sweet vintage map of Arkansas found on Etsy, since baby girl will be born here. 


On the opposite side of the window, an uber cute print (again, from Ashley). Couldn't be more fitting.

The red boxy-thing is an Ikea medicine cabinet that Chris and I used in Corpus Christi. I figured I loved the pop of color, and I could put it to good use for diapering supplies: butt paste, lotions, wipes, etc.

I've also created a light fixture from scratch, because this ugly thing just was not doing it for me.

I left the ceiling attachment with the bulbs up, and created this fax capiz shell chandelier. Without indulging in too much detail (as I've decided to make and sell these puppies in my Etsy store), the shells are wax paper. Awesome. 

I am absolutely in love with it. The best part is that if it gets damaged in a future move, it can easily be fixed for pennies. Pennies. 

Grand total so far in the nursery:
Dresser $89.95
Curtains: $60.00
Vintage map: $7.00
Print: FREE
Diaper cabinet: FREE
Chandelier: $15.00

My next projects for Mini Freed's room:

-refinish a rocking chair from my grandparents that I was rocked in by my parents
-pillow for the rocking chair
-attempt to make my own bumpers for the crib (yet to be purchased)
-more art and knick knacks on the wall
-mobile for above the crib

I've got a lot on my plate, but it is so much more satisfying to get my hands dirty and combine all of my favorite ideas into one room for my baby girl. :)

To leave you on a smiley note...
with the teensy amount of scrap that I had from making the curtains, I threw together this flower. 

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