07 April 2011

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation.

About a month ago, we spent a Saturday finding new homes for the landscaping from the front of the house. We decided that the straight across bed was definitely helping accentuate that we have no dimension on the left side of our house. The goal is to relocate these guys, and then start fresh with a lively shaped bed that has curves in all the right places. 

This is before:

(No, the minivan is not ours- I stole this pic from our house listing)

And this is what is looks like now:

Even more plain, but hopefully that will soon be fixed! And, don't you love how the previous owners picked a landscaping stone that just perfectly matches the house? I mean, I'm not in love with our peachy/gray bricks, but brick red doesn't match, and yes it does make it look worse.

In addition to moving the plants around, we built ourselves a mini fence to beautify our air conditioner. We're not sure why, but no one landscapes on the sides of houses in our neighborhood. We're paving the way, I guess. Here's the right side of the garage, where the fence and a couple of plants will be.

We measured out our lengths of fence boards and marked then for cutting.

Here we are half-way through. One bush is planted back there to hide the gas pipes.

And here is it all complete, with an added tree.
Aaaaannnnd, I completely forgot to mention that this fence project cost us a whopping $5 for a bag of Quikcrete and a box of deck screws. We had all of the fence boards in our handy-dandy shed. Awesome.

The other bush went here, by the neighborhood light pole in our yard.

The other tree went in the backyard corner. 

And then finally yesterday we stained/sealed our little fence. Here she is all purdy.

And, as I was taking the picture of our beautiful fence, I'd thought I'd share an update of how the transplanted bushes are doing.

They died. The little trees are just fine, but the bushes are soon to be pushing up daisies.
Ha. Oh well. We've still got to make our trip to complete buying plants for the front of the house- we'll just snag a couple more boxwoods or something generic that hopefully wont die this time!

Speaking of new plants, we purchased some while my parents were in town last month, and they've been chilling on the back patio until we plant them.

This Star Magnolia is a bushy tree that we'll plant in its own separate little bed 
in the middle of the front yard.

This is a Sunshine Blue bush, to be planted between the front windows in the new bed.

It's still working on pushing out the leaves, but it's a pretty citron color.

While, I'm at it, I'll show you the bargain bush we snagged on clearance at Lowes for $3.

It's a bit wonky looking, but I'm sure it'll grow throughout the summer, and for 3 bills, it's a great plant to help add character to the backyard!

Now that you've seen entirely too many picture of the plants around our home... I'll hopefully have something more fun to look at next time than dying plants!


  1. while you were planting, somebody stole your awesome minivan.