06 April 2011

5 Dolla Holla!

Hi, my name is Aimee, and I'm an addict. I'm addicted to finding cheap treasures for my humble abode.

A great find, yet again from the Habitat ReStore. I had seen this post on my everyday excursion to their site, and I fell in love with the idea. (By the way, if you haven't spent more than 5 minutes on their site, I suggest you do so. They are geniuses over there at www.younghouselove.com, I'm telling you.)

Sayonara, old chunkster.

We didn't even finish settling in on this desk before we decided to craigslist the big guy, and jump into the future. This set up worked wonders for us in our last two homes...mostly before the idea of a wee one jumped into mind, and we had to think fast about what to do for a nursery, guest room, and office in a 3 bedroom home.

Our trip to the ReStore turned out to be successful, as it almost always is.

We snagged this baby for $5. Chris even liked the old stripes, scratches, and dings, so we didn't even sand her down to put a fresh coat on. It builds character and promotes creativity... at least on my side of the desk.

So we've got the desk top, on to the legs. Ooh la la.

For Christmas we received an IKEA gift card which turned out to work perfectly in our favor. When I first opened it, I was crushed because we are 5 hours from the nearest IKEA. Boo, however, I decided to check and see what I could purchase online. SCORE! These little legs (which we already have on our kitchen table in black) happened to be on sale at $3.50 each. Holy moly! That's cheaper than some toothbrushes! 

All in all, the entire order was covered by the gift card, which may the grand total for this project a whopping $5.00. Woah.

Here's what the new set up looks like, including a hot husband.

The goal is to get a pull-out sofa for the opposite wall, just like what was posted in the blog. For now, our Aero bed will do nicely for when our guests arrive. This will leave the current guest room to be transformed into the nursery. Oh 9 months, I know you're going to fly by!

In honor of you, Nick. 

He's oh-so-happy to be researching recipes for his next home brew batch. Maybe someday I'll get him to hop on here and share all of that with you.

This little guy was originally used in our living room for extra storage near the tv bench. Another free addition to the project to complete it nicely, and leave us with even more desktop space.

I found this for $20 at the Pottery Barn Outlet store in Memphis. All we did was unscrew the cover for the ceiling fixture, slide the shade up, and secure it with a small nut. Voila. 

Instant upgrade from this, don't you think?  Don't like, you loved it, Angela.

Haha. That this was just a train wreck.

Here's all of my quick grab goodies, and I still need to attached the baby food storage jars to the underside of the shelf.

Some little lady is helping her daddy with beer research. She loves the new set up because it means more wrestle space for her and Teenson to get their WWF on.

Thanks for stopping in... there's more to come. 

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