06 April 2011

New/Old Entry Update

New to you, old to me. This update has been finished for quite some time, but I've been super lazy in not sharing it with everyone. My B!

I knew I wanted to go with a bluey tone for the laundry room and entry, and I'm still not sure I've hit the nail on the head yet. Let me know what you think...

Up first, the laundry:

The blue is perfect for a freshly laundered feeling, to me. I'm still skeptical of it in the entry. I'm thinking there's a yellowish undertone, and I may need to go with a more gray/light blue in there.

Oh, and I forgot about one little treat that was just completed a few weeks ago. THE LIGHT!! I found this gem at the Habitat ReStore for 10 buckaroos. Schwing. And I quickly proceeded to use the extra paint from our backdoor makeover (soon to be posted) to jazz it up a bit.

Actually, this picture doesn't make the color look half bad, 
but daylight vs evening light definitely makes a difference. 

Here's your glamour shot, baby. Soak it up.

So, there ya have it. I'm left feeling a little 'eh'. A bit of a change, but I can't decide if I'm stuck to it or not. I want to have that "you and me baby, we're stuck like glue" feeling. Any suggestions?

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