24 February 2014

Wedding Dress Wine Night

So I had this idea...
It came to me after randomly discussing with several different friends that many of us had never had our wedding dresses cleaned or packed away. Mine was/is still hanging (probably with sand still stuck in the seams) in a bag in our guest closet. Remembering that I had heard this repeated several times, I thought, we need to all come together and drink wine while in our dresses... white wine, just to be safe. 

It was perfect timing to host such an event, because most of our husbands were away on deployment together. Any excuse to gather and drink wine, am I right ladies? And to wear our dresses, yes please!

(I know we all secretly hoped that we'd slip right back into them.)

Here I am, wearing my dress, mid-day. Don't mind the clean diaper behind my shoulder. And I forgive you if you didn't even know that was a (cloth) diaper. 
And now I've shown you what real life looks like at my house.

I cleaned and danced around the house while Camdin took a nap. 

When the chicas arrived, a few of them still had to slip into their dresses. 

Nothing like getting laced up by another bride... when it's not even your wedding day. Ha.

We first ventured out to take some individual pictures of each of us. Some of us went for a more high fashion approach, and totally pulled it off! This is the lovely Kate Spitz of  ourhoodsherwood, who made the rest of us look like chumps with this pose. 

I on the other hand have mastered the cheesy grin. Because I've never oozed sexiness naturally.

But she does... hey hot mama!

Camdin even had fun seeing us all gussied up. 

Although, I think she thought our legs disappeared. Here I am reassuring her that everything is fine. 

Places, everyone!

The smile on this little face is priceless. She LOVES to be thrown in the air, twirled, tossed around. The girl is fearless. 

Group shot! These were all of the fine ladies that came to celebrate being married (or wine, however you look at it). We almost all made it into our dresses, if it weren't for The Dress being in another state (short dress), belly size (ahem, cutest preggo ever), or simply age (tiny lady).

Check out Camdin cheesin' it up... in the wrong direction.

... drum roll...

We even had CAKE!

Being the sentimental gals that we are, we all cut it together. 

Poppin' more bottles after we came inside, and before the dresses quickly got put away because it was hot as Hades this fine June evening. This is Miss Kate looking gorgeous with her make-up and her hair all did. Show off. (love you!)

Camdin even lost her dress... although it was bath time, technically.

So there you have it. Wedding Dress Wine Night. 

Anyone out there still have their dress accessible for a fun night like this? I can honestly say that we all had a blast, and had fun traipsing around in our frocks. However, we were just as happy to remove them and slip into some yoga pants with stretchy waistbands. We reminisced about our favorite parts of the wedding, and were all thankful that we never have to plan another one again. 

Cheers to friends, marriage, weddings, dresses, and wine!

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