14 February 2014

Room Swap for a Big Girl

The hubs and I have been anxiously waiting to announce that Mini #2 is in the making, and we finally released the news this last week. I was hoping to reveal the secret with another shocker regarding a new destination, but that one fell through. (We were hoping to find out about moving later this year, but it now looks like we'll be hanging in Little Rock for roughly another 18months+.) With all of that said, I realized that we had Camdin crammed in the smaller of our two bedrooms for no reason. I thought it might make more sense to switch her to the bigger room to have more space for toys and playing for our time left here. And then we got wind that we'll be staying a bit longer, which solidified my decision (and a new baby doesn't need lots of play room- so for now the other room remains a guest room until the summer time!).

The guest room/office (bigger of the two bedrooms) was the last room in the house that needed painting. That was first on the list. Here's the room before. Boring tan.

Here it is mid-painting.

I chose Aqua Tint by Valspar because I wanted the room to seem as big as possible, and I didn't want much of a color. 

And here's the finished product after it all came together. 
Same curtains and dresser as before, but I added some new art. 

Camdin particularly loves the fox.

Here's her big girl bed with the toddler rail, and the tent I made for her last summer. 

Oh, wait... you didn't know she was in a toddler bed already? Well, let's back up. 

The day we put the room together and laid her down for a nap in her crib, this is what happened.

SO, I swapped the toddler rail in, ASAP. I knew that she wouldn't stay in her crib once she had figured how to crawl out, so there was no going back. We swapped out the side, and it's been downhill from there. She caught on VERY quickly, and has LOVED her bed ever since. 

But she's not the only one loving it.

I even caught Camdin sitting in her bed one afternoon, just having a nice read.

The duvet cover I made from linen and added the stars with fabric paint. I made a couple of sheets as well, and pillow cases for her pillow. I couldn't find anything I liked, so off to the fabric store I went. This was the stash I came home with.

Top is the linen, middle are the sheet fabrics (apparently I went with a bird theme), and the bottom two are the pillowcases. 

Ok... on to the rest of the room. 

This is Camdin's favorite. Her bookshelf and kitchen. 

I made the kitchen out of an old cabinet from the Habitat ReStore. 

Here are my work-in-progress pictures. 

The sink was a stainless steel bowl I had. The faucet was also from the ReStore. The burners are sink stoppers from the dollar store with the top nub cut off. The trivet in the oven was an extra I had, and it works perfectly as a shelf for her baking!

This is the priming stage, and installation of the battery powered light. I later realized it would be easier to have the light on the side of the oven for Camdin to get better leverage for turning it on and off. 

Here is was all finished on Christmas morning, ready for her to dive into. I filled it with all of my old kitchen/ play food from when I was her age. Gotta love parents that kept EVERYTHING. ;)

So this is what her room looks like everyday, now. I love how light it is, with light pouring in her window. It's always so bright and cheery. Just like my little bug. 

Happy Valentine's Day from my little lady who is infatuated 
with raiding her own closet on a daily basis. We love you Camdin!

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  1. Beautiful! I love how everything came together! xo Claudes