07 March 2014

Growing Like A Weed

So Camdin has definitely hit her stride on growing... height-wise, at least. 

I bought 1x8 board a long time ago with intentions on making her a growth chart that we can move with us. I finally found time to paint it and hang it up behind her door in her room. I went with dandelions. You know, the whole 'growing like a weed' thing. Not really clever, but easy to paint. It kept it simple and shouldn't look baby-ish as she grows. Here's a close up.

I measured out the hash marks up to 6'. Who knows how tall she'll actually be.

The top mark was her height in December, after turning 2 years old. Check out the next picture. 

Not even 3 months later, and she's almost TWO INCHES taller?! (Don't mind the "mismatched jammies/never changed into real clothes, but changed our pants" look.)

The mark just above her head is 3 feet. Just as a reference, she's growing at a much faster rate than I was. I was a measly 35" at 3 years old. Camdin's there at 27 months!

I guess it was a good thing that I got this project done when I did. Easier to keep track of her giant spurts from now on!

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