18 December 2013

Deployment Happenings

No, the hubs is not currently deployed. He was gone this summer, and I just wanted to share a TON of updates, a lot of firsts for Camdin, and events that took place while he was away. I know I shared them all with him, but it will be kind of neat for him to look back at it all in once place.

Warning: This will be an overload of pictures and video. If you don't like pictures. Please skip this post.

This is the morning that he left. Camdin and I were sick and kind of sad. 

The new fire pit that Dad and I built in the back yard, next to the one we originally constructed (out of materials laying around the house) very shortly after moving in.

Helping Opa fix our gate.

 First chocolate malt. She loved it and yelled for more.

Getting very efficient at using her spoon!

First ponytail.

First time meeting Cy at Iowa State. 

First tornado warning, hiding in the closet... the same night she first got sick all herself. Poor baby. Luckily she felt better by the time we had to hunker down together. 

First goose egg. She was bending over to inspect a bug in the street, and fell flat on her face. 

Enjoying watering all the plants.

Enjoying conversation with Pop and Nana when they visited.

I caught her "getting dressed".

First of MANY popsicles outside. This was our ritual after nap time in the afternoon.

I hung a planter hook by the front door.

And created a chalkboard to help fill in the blank space. 

This is what I wrote... and is still up. I'm hoping to get something Christmas-y up tomorrow.

Camdin's (not first) crazy balancing tricks. Oh not challenging enough to just stand on the arm of the couch? Why don't I do some toe raises while I'm at it. 

This is a good example of how she said 'please' for a while. "More". 

First time at the circus.

Playing with mommy in her wedding dress. Side note: I hosted a Wedding Dress Wine Night at my house the night before Chris came home. It all stemmed from conversations about who had/hadn't gotten their dress cleaned and packed away after our weddings. This will be the topic of my next (extremely delayed) post.

... And then Daddy came home and everything was perfect again.

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