18 December 2013

Stripey Stripes in the Loo.

Last year (as you can already see how much detested that tan color by my previous posts), I painted the master bath a light blue. It turns out... I forgot to post about that. Oops. So here I am catching you up, and showing additional changes I've made.

This is how the bathroom looked when we first moved in. Not horrible, but not great by any means.

This was mid-cutting-in... and no I don't tape anything off anymore because I'm good like that. Let's just say I've painted a few rooms in my day. The only time I use tape now is to minimize splatter when I roll the walls. 

We installed the fancy curved curtain rod to maximize that shower closet. 

This is how the color looks now, still with the original shower curtain I made when we moved in. I'm getting over it now, and I want an all over pattern. More on that later. 

So after I updated the color in the main part of the bathroom, I wanted to spruce up the 'ole WC. Or the toilet room. Whatever you want to call it. I didn't ever take a picture of it when we moved in, because, well... it's a room with a toilet. Nothing to see. 

My idea for this lovely postage stamp of square footage goes back to a post I read on Young House Love. I loved the idea of subtle-ish stripes in a tiny space. 

Since I have no before picture, here's what the room looks like after I painted the cream (same as the woodwork) stripes. In between you can see the original tan that I'm covering up. Warning: I apologize in advance for the heinous yellow hue cast on the following pictures. I'm terribly at using white balance on my camera. 

And here's one coat of white painted stripes. Almost finished.

...And the end result.

I was obviously so geeked about capturing the finished product, that I didn't clean up a speck of project mess strewn about.

One final gem that I wanted to add: shelving. My inspiration photo came from Pinterest- originally posted on BowerPower. 

I loved the addition of a shelf to help cozy up the small wall.

Here's my take on it.

Oddly enough, it makes the small room feel bigger because you'd never expect those shelves to fit in there! And I think the stripes help out a bit, as well. 

So there you have it. An updated toilet room. Yay. The next update for the bathroom will hopefully include new lighting, a new shower curtain, and framing around the mirrors. Fancy schmancy. 

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