17 November 2011

Let it snow... kind of.

While perusing Pinterest this week, I came across an ingenious idea, taken from a department store window display. The designers found a miraculously cheap presentation of fake snow.

Cotton balls and fishing line.


OK, let me back up.

It'din'it purdy?

I was so please with the way it turned out, I made more.
Lots more.

It's hard to see with the windows open, but that's how I got the best lighting here.

Even if we hardly get snow in Arkansas this year, I'll have snow at my house!

Now here's the rest of the holiday cheer around the house.
I still have yet to make Mini her stocking. And no I won't take a picture of it when it's done unless she's already arrived. Her name will remain a secret until she gets here. She told me she wanted it that way.

The ornament clusters are to go outside on our garage lights, but I'm not going to be that person in the neighborhood to put them all up before Thanksgiving. 

A little party-time cheer in the kitchen.
These were left over from one of my baby showers.

Lastly the tree.
Nothing fantastical, but all of our ornaments are from Chris and my childhood years or our recent years of marriage together. They all have great meaning, which is super sweet.

Side view.
Oh, you noticed it's a little bit close to the wall? That's because I didn't add all of the branches this year so that it would be a bit more "out of the way" while family, friends, and baby things invade our home upon her arrival. I'm pleased with how easy it was to squeeze it into place.

Have you guys thought of how to decorate for the holidays? I thoroughly enjoy looking at the designer photos of home decorations, but I'm so stuck to tradition and sentimentality that I'm afraid Better Homes and Gardens will never be knocking at my door to photo my home during the holidays. Better for it. There's something to be said for a season of green and red. Any other time of year it just seems silly to pair the two together. Why not celebrate the twosome in all their glory... after Thanksgiving, that is.

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  1. Found you looking through google on how to make snow with cotton balls =) I was just wondering how you get the cotton balls to stay in place on the fishing line or do they just stay? Thanks in advance.