26 July 2011

Never met a girl could make me feel the way that you do...

That's right I'm taken it back. Rare Earth recorded "Get Ready" in 1970, and it could not be a more appropriate song to help introduce the fact we have a little GIRL in the oven. As soon as this song popped in my head, I pictured a few years down the road in the car, singing this as a duet with my little songbird. (She's surely going to love music as much as her parents do, which is why I'm constantly singing around the house now that she can hear me!) It would go something like this...

Me: "Tweedley dee, tweedley dum..."

Mini Lady Freed: "Look out baby, 'cause here I come!" 

So that's the latest news in the Freed household. A girl. Needless to say, Chris and I were actually shocked that it wasn't a boy. I don't know why we got it in our heads, but we were completely putting all of our eggs in the boy basket. During the ultrasound, I've truly never been more in awe in my life. Seeing all of those tiny individual perfectly proportioned bones was amazing. 

Here's her little spine...see what I mean?

The doc started at her head, slowly showing us all of the body parts. All I wanted him to do was to skim down to the business end of things so I didn't have to wait any longer! Finally he did. He said, "See those two white lines...that means it's a baby girl!" 

Chris and were...stunned... Seriously? A girl? Well there goes our intuition!

Now don't get me wrong, I love a bright shade of pink, but I'm a little worried. I've been telling my mom that I'm trying to register in a multitude of colors so that it doesn't look like Pepto Bismol threw up on our house when she finally arrives home. Do you know that it's nearly impossible NOT to find something that's entirely pink in the baby girls section? It was news to Chris and I this weekend when we ventured out to Babies 'R Us and Target to get our price gunning awwwwn.  We found ourselves asking over and over, does this look too much like a boy? We figured we're going to try and keep pink at bay for all of the non-clothing items. That way it won't be too overwhelming. 

So go ahead, check out what we've got on the registries so far.

Now that I've let the idea of a girl settle for a few days, I think it's growing on me (no pun intended). Let the adorable dresses begin!

Someone says Hi, by the way. Looking right at the camera, she's already a ham like both of her parents were. I'll see if I can scrounge up some old video of Chris and I to prove it.

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