15 July 2011

Hotter than a pepper sprout.

It has been quite toasty here in central Arkansas the past few weeks. Earlier this week we received rain...cue the hallelujah chorus. It was still so hot after the rain, the roads were steaming like a scary movie. We needed it so badly and our veggie/pepper garden was super excited about the result. So much so, that we came out the next morning to this big guy. Our first gorgeous yellow squash.

Remmie was pretty excited when we brought it and its little brother inside, 
as it so closely resembles her favorite toy- Mr. Bowling Pin.


I've just had a pregnant moment and made a weird connection in my head.  Don't judge.

I just realized I've never shared about my job. I've been working as a nanny to a little girl named Averi since February. I've been fortunate enough to work so close to home ( < 1/2 mi) and to have such a flexible boss! Averi is now 20 months old and a spitfire. And apparently she loves enchiladas. 

And this was after I took the empty plate away. We had quite a party at lunch on Tuesday. She loves it so much she wants to be an enchilada...

...self-tanner face and all. Little pepper sprout!
It won't be too long and Averi and her family will be moving back to Texas. Until then, I'm privileged enough to capture moments like this on a day to day basis. 

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