20 July 2011

1, 2, 3, Kick!

On July 15th, I felt the baby kick for the first time and actually knew what was happening. What a life-changing experience. It makes this whole pregnancy thing finally real! I think maybe that it's been going on for a couple of weeks, but I attributed the "bubbles" to tummy gas. In even better news, Chris was able to feel a very strong kick with his hand on my belly the very next day. Let me tell you, that was one proud daddy! Since then, I've noticed a pattern to the kicking episodes. I usually have a few when I wake up, around 7am. Then a few more around 10/11. Mini will rest for a while through lunch, and then get back at it around 3pm. That's the most active time for the little squirt. Then not too much until 9/10/11pm. Of course there are random one-kicks throughout the day that keep me smiling!

I've been feeling fabulously the past month, and I can't wait for the next appointment to check on how Mini Freed is doing. Speaking of the next appointment, this Friday is D day (provided that Mini Freed cooperates during the ultrasound to show us his/her stuff).


 Send me your predictions!! 

Stay tuned for the big announcement!

In the mean time, here are more belly pics, proving my growing wasteline. 
This is 20 weeks 2 days.

Remmie is still quite interested in my bump.

...or maybe she's just a camera hog.

Happy Wednesday!

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