19 December 2012

O Dangling Tree...

Let me explain.

So as you know, Chris and I tend to sway from tradition in many areas of life. Christmas is no exception. With Miss Camdin being fully mobile during this holiday season, I thought it best to do away with the "traditional" fake tree that we have. I wasn't so much worried about the ornaments as I was the fake plastic needles that she would undoubtedly try to eat. I also, envisioned her walking by the tree, wobbling and reaching out for it to steady herself, and then both tumbling down together (tree and baby). No bueno.

As I began researching, I found no solution to my problem. I wanted something to replace a tree, and something to put presents under. But what? I saw this cool felt tree that my good friend made with her adorable little girl, but we didn't have a great wall to use. 

Then I found this:

Funky. Right up my alley. But still at risk for falling over.

Then, I remembered my tomato cage trees I made for outdoor decor last season. 

My ideas were beginning to mesh together, and then my brain nearly exploded. I created the most brilliant idea of all.


I bought a green tomato cage, wrapped it with lights (just like I had done for outside)... but then I HUNG IT FROM THE CEILING. 

Not many of my ideas are very original (I'm great at copying things), but this- I will take credit for. 

I used a simple heavy duty screw hook that we had in the garage.

(Don't mind the extra hole that I made too big and have yet to patch.)
I used white crochet thread to have the tomato cage.

If you noticed the Santa hat on the bottom and wondering how it's staying on... Magic. i.e. fishing line. I sewed a small bit through the hat and looped it up over the first "crossbar" on the tree.

I hung ornaments on the "crossbars" and the light strings themselves. 

To light 'er up, I just used a small extension cord (that doesn't show if you stand at other angles).

Isn't she glorious? 

The perfect solution for any toddler/pet/real tree issues that may arise in your home!
Well done, me. I think I'll pat myself on the back for this one. 

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