08 December 2010

A Year in Review

We hope you and your families are happy and healthy this holiday season!
We had the joy of celebrating Jesse & Beth’s wedding in an awesome way on New Year’s Eve. The food was amazing and the dancing was even better... and we are so excited to call Beth our sister! Yay!

Later in the month, Chris was selected to fly the T-44 at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi. We had three weeks to pack up and move before Chris started his new training. We found a quaint little house with a great backyard for the puppies to run around. Speaking of the Fuzzies, it was HILARIOUS to take them to the beach for the first time. Remmie, of course, ate the sand and then tried to drink the salt water to wash it down. This continued for several visits until she figured it out. Kingston wasn't fond of the cold water on his feet.

February started with Chris’ quarter century birthday (woot woot!), and then soon after he traveled to Pensecola, FL for 3 days of Water Survival training. (This is required before flying in Corpus Christi because of the over-the-water approaches.)

In March, Will and Katrina were our first visitors in our new home, and we had a blast spending time at the beach and enjoying the weather. At the end of the month Aimee started her new full time job as the front desk guru for a local engineering firm, LNV. We also enjoyed planting oodles of hot peppers, which contiued to grow into the summer. We discovered many new ways to use them up (and give them away if there were too many at once)!
April came with more visitors, this time our good friends Kim & Sam, and then Mom & Dad Rea later in the month. We LOVE visitors (keep that in mind)!
In May, Aimee turned twenty-six, celebrating with sushi at SUSHIBAR on Padre Island. Super yummy and so many choices!! Mom and Dad Freed came out to visit over Memorial Day weekend. Spending time at the beach and a short tour around Corpus Christi Bay was just perfect.
June came and went without us even blinking. Work work work. In July Chris flew to Chicago for his cross country flight. He was lucky enough to go to a Cubs game and be reminded that attending professional sporting events is fun (too bad we're still far from that scene). Aimee treaded back to Del Rio to support Chris' old class in the delegation of their post-graduation assignments (planes and locations). It was great to see where everyone is being sent to and what they'll fly. They were a great class and all did amazingly well.
In the beginning of August we found out Chris' assignment: He chose to fly the C-130J at Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas!! Jesse and Beth came for a long weekend jaunt in the middle of the month, and Chris' graduation wrapped it up at the end. Mom & Dad Rea, and Mom & Dad Freed were able to make it out for the festivities. We celebrated with gusto, and had an overall great weekend.

Over Labor Day weekend, we had more friends from Del Rio visit; Jeremy and Kelly, and Bryson and Melissa. Like always, we spent time at the beach, although it wasn't too hot this time! And yes, we buried Bryson and threw Cheez-Its on him to lure in the seagulls. Hehe.
A few days after our friends departed, Chris packed up to head to Survival Training up in Washington. He spent three very hard weeks going through the best training he's ever had while Aimee packed up the entire house to move...again! Aimee finished up work September 30 and waited for Chris' arrival home. He was exhausted, as to be expected. Despite this matter, we loaded up the moving truck and drove up to Arkansas.

Upon our arrival to Little Rock Air Force Base, we stayed in the TLFs (Temporary Living Facility) for a few days. Then we were gratiously offered a room to stay with a friend of ours (thanks Dave!) for free while we house hunted. Speaking of, yes, we were in the market to buy our first home!!! We only spent 1 day shopping around and fell in love with the last one on the list. After 5 weeks of waiting, negotiating, inspecting, and waiting... we closed on November 18. As we write this, we are putting the final touches on organization and decoration (pictures will soon be up).

We spent Thanksgiving in Greenville with Chris' family and enjoyed attended an ECU football game. Now we are settling in to get ready for the holidays, just as we're sure you are with your families.

We love you all so much and thank you for your support throughout this crazy year! We look forward to keeping in touch and hearing about your adventures. Make those resolutions count! Hopefully we'll see you soon...the guest bedroom was the first to be completed!

Love and fanciness,
Chris and Aimee

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